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When it comes to exteriors,

we cater for all styles of homes


The first stage to ensuring a durable finish is to remove any damp and rotten wood. Often people assume that rot repairs require the whole door, window, fascia, garage door posts etc to be replaced. But we are trained in using the same resin system that the National Trust uses in treating rot. This means that on average, rot repairs are often approximately 90% cheaper than new window, doors, and fascias. This system is also ideal for listed buildings and conservation areas.


(Please visit our ROT REPAIRS section)​

Having grown up and served my apprenticeship in the close vicinity of the Chichester harbour coastline.  I have seen and experienced the damage the salt air and the ever changing weather conditions do to the external surfaces of local properties. This damage can often affect exteriors, quite a few miles inland of the coast.

There are many painters who will do a quick repair, cutting corners and using paint products that just won't last.  Whilst the immediate results may look fine, the durability of the work is not guaranteed and their work will degrade very quickly. I have been called many times to look at work that has only lasted 2-3 years. Our work lasts on average between 8-10 years.



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Please visit our GALLERY page for many more examples of our work.

Most local exterior jobs, last on average for approximately 3-5 years. Whereas the work that we do, lasts for approximately 8-10 years. With the costs of materials constantly increasing, over a longer period it is a much better investment to get the work done correctly in the first place, often saving customers thousands of pounds.

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