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Rot repairs & restoration

Using the same flexible, epoxy based filler system that is specified on National Trust properties, you can avoid expensive joinery repairs that often fail and cause a lot of mess and disturbance. The resin is suitable for listed buildings, conservation areas and repairs - even badly damaged and decayed windows and doors. 

 Repairs on average are 90% less than the replacement of new windows, doors and fascias. 

Even rotten glazing bars can be reproduced, saving thousands of pounds in sash replacement.

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We can even reproduce complex architectural forms and mouldings.

Even when joints have become detached or the rot has gone all the way through, the resin is still the best and most cost effective remedy.

80% of rot is found in the bottom 20% of doors, windows & doorframes.

Specially developed for the long-term maintenance of public, commercial, listed and domestic properties, the Repair Care system provides huge cost saving benefits, whilst providing a sustainable alternative to replacement. Paint durability is significantly improved, extending maintenance cycles and protecting against future decay.

It can be used on stained wood as well, as painted.

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Please visit our GALLERY page for many more examples of our work.

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