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Spray Finished & Hand Painted Kitchens 

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A good quality kitchen should last well over 20 years. But whilst the Kitchen might be in good working order, during that 20 years colour trends and styles change considerably .

One of the main reasons people change their Kitchens, is not because the Kitchen is not functional, it's beacuse it looks dated, tired and used.

Often people consider changing just the doors, but the doors alone can cost nearly as much as new Kitchen altogether. 

Lets face it, life's too short to have to stick to one colour scheme in your kitchen for 20 years. So we have invested in the training, equipment & workshop to offer a Kitchen spray painting service.

So how does it work and what is the process?

The spraying of the Kitchen units is done in situ and we take the doors and draws away to our workshop to respray them.

We spray everything to a colour and finish of your choice, just the outer edges or all of the insides and shelves too.

All surfaces that are not to painted are masked covered to make certain that no paint or dust is deposited onto any other surfaces. 

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We are also high quality painters and decorators, so we can decorate the rest of the your Kitchen room as well.

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We are also high quality decorators, so we can decorate the rest of the your Kitchen as well.

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One of the advantages of spray painting your kitchen, is it is far less disruptive and less messy than replacing your Kitchen. Sp Please don't worry about mess, as we completely protect your home and contain any dust.

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